We’re on the eve of the release of Tinder & Flint: Westover.

Tinder & Flint is a place where forces of will within the natural world—big ones like love and hate, and the more subtle things like the instinct to survive or the desire to collaborate, or dominate, to give or to own—are not just spirits underlying action and thought.  Instead, with the right combination of study, meditation, or piety, they can be made tangible in their own rights.

But I wonder how dissimilar this is from today’s reality?  A life well-lived, an act of charity—these things can have ripple effects for generations.  Sure, the manifestation may come in lifting someone from poverty, providing an education, curing a disease, saving a life—but there is a force underlying the choice to take those actions.  There is good.

I’ve no need to list examples of actions taken under the influence of evil.  We read about far too many of them each and every day.

Tinder & Flint will take us to many places and introduce us to myriad characters and challenges and triumphs and failures.  We’ll see many pathways through both light and dark, most of which dip into a bit of each.

~Matthew Hinsley



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