Magic. Here. 1.

Magic. Here. 1.

Lives are changed by ideas, through the presence of others, or upon contact with objects of significance. Friends, teachers, relatives, history, inheritance, genetics, education, aspiration, inspiration—these are all forces that set other forces in motion creating the ripple effects that shape our reality. In Tinder & Flint I call it magic; borne of purity or thought or nature or devotion. But the forces—good and evil—are no less potent, no less magical right here in our world.

A Book

I have a book. It belonged to my Great Grandfather. The binding is tattered. It is a notebook. On my good days, I draw power from this book.

My name is Matthew G Hinsley. So was Great Grandfather’s, and he wrote our initials, MGH, in pencil on the three exposed paper-stack edges of the book. When the book is closed you can read them.

Inside the front cover are calculations. Calculations upon calculations. So many that they lay over and on top of one another. When I open the cover and see those calculations I get butterflies in my stomach. It’s the whole experience, the smell, the slightly frayed edge of the thick, hard cover, the knowledge that this is me.

In light pencil, at the top of the first page of lined paper on one line is written the following:

Nov 1 1917 Work Clayton Yard 12 hr

That’s what he did that day. He worked as a carpenter, for the railroad in Clayton Yard, for 12 hours.

The next line?

Nov 2 1917    “      “      “      12 hr

And it goes on like that, every line for the whole page, every page for the whole book—an account of my Great Grandfather’s working life—until 1943.

For me it is a heavy book. When I hold it, when I am alert, I feel a weight on my shoulders. But it’s not a weight that makes me feel weak, it’s a weight that makes me feel strong.

Why do I draw power only on my good days? Why do I feel weight and strength only when I am alert?

Because, I believe, the secret to Magic Here is awareness. The magic is all around. My great grandfather’s presence and work ethic, and strength, and legacy, and spirit are with me at all times in my blood, and my memory, and they are manifest in this little book.

The trick is to see it with fresh eyes, to welcome the incomprehensible enormity of its presence.

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