A lot of people ask me about the role of magic in Tinder & Flint.

Magic is everywhere, in everything. Tinder & Flint is a world where spirit and intention and natural elements like air, earth, fire and water can be focused and made manifest as palpable force.

But it’s not easy, and there are tricks to making it happen.

For some the answer lies in devotion to a higher (or lower!) power. For some the keys are in knowledge, in runes and words and the proper use of natural components. For others it is meditation, sensitivity, purity.

Here’s a taste of that final variety:

“It felt like his left shoulder and arm had been dipped in icy water—Ohlen knew this feeling, the feeling of evil. He had always been a super sensate. It was something that made his boyhood difficult, actually, until the brotherhood taught him to control and amplify it. In his later training, they would place him in deep stone dungeons with slimy walls, hundreds of rats, and the omnipresence of urine and feces.

But none of those things bothered Ohlen. He was there to experience evil. His task was to determine who, of the inmates, possessed the purest evil of all. The games were easy for him, really, and he was never wrong. He was often surprised, however, that the jailors were no less evil than many of their wards.”

– Matthew Hinsley



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