Rockmoor: A Free Fantasy Novel

Rockmoor: A Free Fantasy Novel

It’s March 15, 2020, and many of us are stuck at home because of Coronavirus.

So I thought it might be nice to share Rockmoor, Book II of Tinder & Flint, just in case anyone out there might like to enjoy some fantasy reading.

Some things to know before you read Rockmoor (assuming you haven’t read book 1 already)…

1) All the artworks (covers, and chapter etchings) are by the great Billy Garretsen. He’s amazing, he’s made over 140 artworks for the series so far, and I hope you take some time to enjoy his amazing talent.

2) There are six main characters we meet in book 1: Boudreaux, a burly half-elf fighter. Arden, a ranger who was raised by a werewolf. Gnome, who is a grumpy gnome – and a heck of a thief and tactician with magical abilities. X’andria, an elf magician who befriended gnome when they were both homeless. Ohlen, a deep and virtuous sensate. And Ruprecht, who is basically a cleric.

3) Book 1 is a wild ride. They encounter some madness with loads of goblins and treachery, but here is the main thing: there are these two black marbles. They’re really bad. If they touch you, they swim under your skin and possess you. That happened to poor Ruprecht, and now he’s not quite the same as he used to be. They encountered some seriously dark stuff, and Rockmoor is them trying to figure out what on earth just happened. But naturally, evil isn’t resting either.

4) Oh, and Arden got licked by a mucousy deep-earth-worm tentacle and it singed his face a bit. So he needs to deal with that too.



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